Create Your Own Luck.

We don’t believe that things just happen spontaneously – instead, we believe that good fortune is the result of preparation meeting opportunity.

Brivada is a direct sales & marketing company focusing on acquiring and solidifying customer relationships for national, industry leading companies. We are motivated to stay competitive in an industry where integrity and quality is the pinnacle of exceeding client expectations. We believe in building authentic relationships with our clients, their customers and our people.


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Mission Statement: To build an organization where our client’s expectations are constantly exceeded and to cultivate a work environment where our team is constantly growing and developing their skills.

To keep it simple, we are contracted by larger companies to build and train sales teams for them. We do not create advertisements, build digital marketing campaigns or utilize public relations or media relations in our Marketing strategies. We specialize in a niche area of direct marketing where we use relationship building and face to face sales presentations to acquire customers for our clients.



Does my company need to be a certain size to be able to get representation from the Brivada team?

We work through a client vendor who manages the acquisition and administration of our client relationships. Most of our clients are large, industry leading companies however we are open to learning about any size of company and their sales/marketing needs. Please contact us here for more information about client representation.


How many customers can you acquire in a single day for your clients?

Depending on the nature of the campaign and the type of products or services you offer would directly impact the volume of customers you could expect. Based on our typical sales systems and strategies, we have the ability to acquire anywhere between 2-5 new customers/day per sales representative.



The objective of our team is to deliver our clients with an unparalleled level of representation in any competitive market while providing our team with opportunities to build their careers and develop valuable skills.

We recruit individuals who are driven, competitive and self-motivated. For the right candidates, we are willing to offer Management Training programs to facilitate career growth and leadership development.

Our ideal candidates who are willing to start in an entry-level capacity can be described as:


What type of sales do you do for your clients?

Our team is trained and has the resources to conduct Business to Business, Business to Consumer or Retail sales/marketing campaigns. We currently conduct B2C direct sales/marketing programs based on leads provided by our client. For more in-depth information, you can contact the HR team here to be considered for an in person interview.


I already have sales experience, why do I need to start in an entry-level role?

We believe in giving each team member at Brivada an opportunity to develop and grow into Management and Senior positions within the first 12-18 months of their career. We believe in building our company with strong leadership, therefore our management team needs to experience each role from the entry-level onwards to provide experience-based coaching to their team(s).

If you’re interested in joining a growing organization with infinite room to develop your career, you can apply directly with your resume below:

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